Virtual DOJO - Challenges and Offerings
  • March 12, 2021
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Dojo is an excellent place for immersive learning, and continuous practice. Virtual Dojo is a virtual online practice community where hypothesis-based-experimentation is presented and that also provides the ideal structure and support to build and support your practice. Practice converts your entry into Dojo into the action and the quintessence that will bring you closer to learning and produce sustainable change in your way of working. Making a shift from a Project to Product method will be sustained by diverse experimentation and exclusive learnings, and nothing would be better than “Dojo”. Therefore, advance your vision for the future with a community of industry practitioners!

The Orange Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt offerings from Dojo team will follow with richer and more technologically challenging experiences for those that want to increase their DevOps capabilities and maturity, including learnings of modern engineering, product, and Agile, and SRE practices. The Dojo will be available for all the companies including delivery professionals, CICD pipeline, start-ups. Have a look at the Dojo challenges and the offerings to step ahead towards Virtual Dojo implementation!

Virtual Dojo – Challenges

From this experimentation point, Dojo is a great place to have these hypothesis-space experimentations speeding up. Dojo has been hugely popular important, and we need to get more organizations join in to invest in dojo but how to implement Dojo, what are the challenges that might come across!

According to Industry Leader Bryan Finster, “Each dojo is going to work differently. Being a member of the dojo, orange, we all have different flavors of what it is we’re trying to accomplish. It’s key that on the surface. The dojo’s job is immersive learning, to bring into train teams, not people to how to solve the problem, of how to do things better. In my opinion, the thing I focus on is how do we deliver better. But that’s not all a dojo should be for, because the dojos are the people that they talk to, that’s all the teams all the time. They see all the contexts they have a broad view of where the problems on the front lines are across the entire organization.”

He further conveyed, “A dojo should be responsible for providing information up, providing information down, providing information sideways, being a driver of cultural change, pointing out their strategic things in the organization that we need to change to architect for better value, helping to organize those things, working with the executives to say, if we fix this thing over here and have a broad impact across the entire organization to make things better, so let’s work on that.”

Bryan’s personal belief is that on larger organizations dojos on scale, you can’t physically run all the teams through a dojo if you have that many teams. So, you must come up with ways to be a force multiplier instead of a direct trainer of teams. You just need a couple of people who actually understand how to get it done, who will work directly with teams, but the people that are making these changes happen to be those enabling other people to deliver better need to be recognized for the outcomes that they achieve, not just the people.

Virtual Dojo is when they are bringing in the customers, and the customer and their own team works together for a month, two months trying to solve a problem. Once they come to a solution, which gave both parties feeds that is good enough is when they get the job from the customer to be implemented.

Bryan Finster currently leads a DevOps Dojo for a large enterprise which focuses on helping teams’ transition to a continuous flow of value delivery using immersive learning techniques. He ran a remote Dojo in India, where they are in central time, their ISP, and they successfully ran that in a federated model. Using the process, they believe scales, and it’s quite successful and it works just fine remotely.

Dojo Offerings

On the Virtual dojo platform, the industry experts will help them hypothesize the experiment, guide them through the whole process, see if it works or not, based on that people can take back whatever they want, which they can do it in their own environment.

Virtual Dojo will be a practical immersive transformation centre that will offer you –

  • An amazing space for Learning and Fun which would have VDojo Lounge for discussions, learning programs, experiential learning
  • Technology Experts guidance delivering knowledge on few of the most commonly used tools, assisting the teams on how to use them rightly
  • Optimize great collaboration in the form of slack channels, Zoom/Team/Google Hangout sessions, Huddle Rooms, Screen Sharing option
  • Whiteboards for alliance and visualization including team spaces, team boards
  • Open Space for inter-team collaboration covering Knowledge sharing sessions across teams, Networking programs across teams
  • Demo Lounges for sharing of work to all working in Dojo for business purpose
  • Information Radiators – Kanban Boards, Failure Boards
  • Fun Corner to have a cool time

Hence, when virtual Dojo is proposing so many effective offerings, this is the perfect time to unite on Dojovir to communicate further on the amazing VDojo space!         

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