• November 11, 2020
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Virtual DOJO – Better Insights, Smarter Usage

Dojo has been the talk of the town in the IT market. In the recent times, Dojo has been rising much in-demand, which is in one way, upskilling yourself with higher process and technical learnings. As the teams make an entry to Dojo, their major concern is to acquire immense learning and leverage new ways of working. The main priority of dojo is to create more valuable teams which needs getting practice areas. A Dojo executes at its best when the teams are fully hands-on with the experimentation as well as approaches. Let us make you learn on the better insights and smarter usage of Dojo.

Virtual Dojo – Better Insights

The teams can achieve two vital goals. One, they deliver value on their current product works, and second, learn how to obtain and cultivate enduring skills to keep themselves updated in the new technology world.

For keeping with the competition in the software industry, companies need to have a constant learning scenario including the latest learnings on Dojo platform along with improved method of working, practices, and patterns. They must integrate learning together and offer business value at an accelerating rate. Dojo being a secure and safely structured space, permits the teams to beat the cultural challenges for transformation.

VDojo – Smarter Usage

  • One of the significant parts of Dojo’s procedure is the development of a fast-track learning scenario that offers hypothesis-based experimentations and immersive learning with collaboration and consultations.
  • This can be approximately one week to twelve weeks sessions or so where the teams can get the provision to implement their work with the help of VDojo coaches, Agile coaches, Product coaches, Technology experts on the platform to provide full support on anything they require.
  • Dojo will be remarkable when the teams will engage themselves with various VDojo learning programs – DevOps, Agile, SRE, modern engineering, product practices, Application Security (DevSecOps), Cloud-native Development, and Integration – APIs, Microservices.
  • Dojo is a space for making the teams get involved to visualize and hypothesise and experiment without capital investment, thus sustaining productivity and code management.
  • Whiteboards are available for the teams for excellent visualization and collaboration.
  • Dojo can be utilized efficiently to refine, emphasize, and boost your engineering capabilities.
  • Dojo also allows the teams for effortless integration and adaptability along with most effective solutions accessible today.
  • Virtual Dojo offers easy accessibility in product approaches and provides support to inclusivity.

Hope you have understood the better management of Virtual Dojo. To gain more knowledge on Dojo, join Dojovir to be an integral part of Playground!

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