• December 3, 2020
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VDOJO Playground: Effectiveness and Productivity

The purpose of VDojo (Virtual Dojo) is to deliver the organizations with a pay-as-you-go preference to practice the Hypothesis based experiments without any capital investment.

Dojo is a dedicated platform where the full-stack teams from the IT companies can come up for a devoted six to eight weeks or more of in-depth skill-building and excessive learning. This is a perfect platform for experimentation, customer experimentation, improvement of current DevOps implementation, and DevSecOps – baking security in the pipeline. DOJO is the ideal testing ground for the teams learning DevOps, SRE, DevSecOps in the best hands-on way that is possible.

Effectiveness of VDOJO

While making a transition from project to product-based management, we’ve undertaken to DOJO platform to –

  • Get yourself introduced to a combination of DevOps and SRE principles, tools, and practices, Lean, Agile, and advanced engineering.
  • You can get your prospective clients to the Dojo Playground and perform a hypothesis-based experimentation where corroboration of concepts can be implemented in the scenario utilizing various tools and techniques without investing in the capital.
  • A whole team of IT professionals including IT Heads, the CEOs, CXOs, and other professionals involved in CI/CD Pipeline, Security Tools, can come on the DOJO platform to work, collaborate to learn from the expert leaders, experimentation, exploration, and then exit out.
  • The IT teams can learn immensely from the top industry leaders who would be available to guide them whenever they need help.

VDojo will offer an amazing blend of learning and fun space including a lounge area for collaborative discussions, learning programs, experimental learning.

  • DOJO also provides screen sharing space, slack channels, google hangout sessions for the ideal collaboration; whiteboards for teamwork and vision; knowledge-sharing space for inter-team collaboration, and other interesting boards to communicate smoothly.

Productivity of VDOJO

Working on virtual dojo will surely give the teams enormous knowledge that would help them in their respective IT career in future projects.

  • Teams can gain a constant learning environment, covering technology learning, advanced ways of working, designs, and practices, and in return help contribute to their companies.
  • They will achieve a higher level of knowledge from the leaders which they can implement in their daily works.
  • Through the collaboration on Dojo space, the teams can master comfortably on the new technologies, with perfect integration and even deliver business value at a constantly accelerating rate. 
  • There would be great transparency in work and principle and practices of the Dojo are crucial to developing an inclusive cultural experience.

Hope you all have got an idea of the effectiveness and productivity from virtual dojo. Join Playground to be a part of VDojo!

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