• November 28, 2020
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Playground – Explore the Benefits of VDojo

During this ongoing phase where everything is virtual, Dojo is the best medium to bring people together, to recreate a dojo kind of experience virtually with several remarkable techniques. Folks can execute some cool stuffs with virtual whiteboards, offering an amazing learning experience to them.

The main emphasis should be absolutely on crafting more active teams, and this requires getting together several practice segments. A virtual Dojo works superbly when the teams are fully hands-on with the new product development and technology approaches. 

Launched during DevOps India Summit 2020, the Dojo is a unique space to perform the “Hypothesis based Experimentation” effortlessly. IT organization require an emphasis on the modernization of their latest products and, also how to utilize those products to produce it to their customers perfectly. This also must be executed with a distributed workforce.

“When we give a tour of the amazing Dojo, we convey that it’s the best place where you can learn extremely to practice mastering your craft,” says Dr. Niladri Choudhuri, CEO, Xellentro. “We offer an immersive hyper-paced learning experience that assists teams to accomplish innovation quicker at a reasonable price.”

Explore the benefits of Virtual Dojo

  • Start-Ups can make the use on Dojo: Start-ups are the newbies in the IT market, and they need to make a mark of themselves and their brands to higher standards. Dojo is indeed a wonderful medium to give them the opportunity to come and experiment and practice with various Tools, and pay according to that, which avoids the burden of capital investment.
  • Investment flexibility: Pay-as-you-go option offered while on Dojo gives the teams the flexibility to invest accordingly, as per the project you are working on and the experimentations you are doing. Dojo is built with the expectation of providing adequate return on investment (ROI) by fast-tracking or lessening transformation time, involving scaling the transformation all through the organization and developing its learning and change.
  • Inter-team collaboration: Teams can certainly collaborate internally with their team-mates while executing on their product projects. They can communicate while on VDojo Lounge for discussions, for the learning programs, experiential learning. Team can even optimize collaboration on slack channels, Google Hangout sessions, Huddle Rooms. Whiteboards would be best for collaborating and visualizing their works.
  • Different tool use for experimentation: Main benefit is that the teams can get access to all the tools, with flexible pay-as-you-go preference. So, you can experiment with and get good output. You can make use of CI/CD, Security Tools, Cloud-native tools, SRE and DevOps tools.
  • Expert guidance: The guidance from the expert leaders are always available when the teams are on-board on Dojo platform. Anytime they need help on learnings related to Agile, DevOps, SRE practices and modern engineering, the experts are there to solve their queries.
  • Hypothesis based experimentation: Virtual Dojo comes with a technique on Hypothesis based Experimentation. Here the IT professionals would join, sharing their problems with the experts, where the expert leaders will mentor them in hypothesizing their cases with proper descriptions and demo forms in making them comprehend how this executes smoothly.

Hence, when virtual Dojo is offering so many effective benefits, this is the perfect time to unite on dojovir to communicate further on the amazing VDojo space!          

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