• December 1, 2020
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WEBINAR: “DOJO- Learning from Hypothesis-based experimentation”

Dojo is absolutely a new concept that IT professionals need to inherit and nothing better to start learning now on Virtual Dojo platform. DOJO Playground offers – virtual Immersive Transformation Centre, practice Hypothesis Based Experimentation, get help from Professional Practitioners, practice with various Tools with pay-as-you-go, & much more. To help you understand better, a webinar was conducted on an interesting topic: DOJO- Learning from Hypothesis-based experimentation, by Dr. Niladri Choudhuri, on 3rd December.

Dojo Webinar Link provided here to learn more: https://vimeo.com/489751683


In the new normal, upskilling and cross-skilling are extremely required to stay high in the IT market. Thus, Virtual Dojo is a fresh concept designed on a new cloud platform for the full-stack teams to come and gain an immersive learning experience, and perform the hypothesis-based experiments, while moving from a Project to Product approach. Dr. Niladri explained the essence of Virtual Dojo in the current scenario and how would it benefit to learn from hypothesis-based experimentation approach without capital investment.

Key Points Discussed in this webinar include:

Dojo in New Normal

  • People decentralized and WFH across the globe
  • There is more use of Cloud
  • Co-creation of value with customers through experimentation
  • Experiment how to implement Security in current CI/CD
  • Get coached by global experts online
  • Collaboration through Google Hangout, whiteboards, etc.
  • Get the facilities of the physical dojo virtually with no CAPEX cost

What is Dojo

  • Dojo provides a safe place to practice and experimentation
  • Place where mentors, who are more experience helps less experienced
  • “Place to host an immersive learning experience where full-stack teams come to learn modern engineering, product and Agile practices” – As per getting started with Dojos by IT Revolution
  • Teams will come for experimentation from a few days to a couple of months to learn under coaches
  • Creating more effective teams and improved ways of working

What Dojo is not

  • Dojo is not a place to do “Project Work”
  • Teams come to learn new technology and new ways of working
  • Dojo is not for accelerating speed of delivery to meet deadlines
  • Dojo is not a place to learn Agile and Lean coaching practices and frameworks

Why Dojo

  • We are in the middle of Industry 4.0
  • Face pace of change – Idea to Deployment in 1-day Technology is changing
  • As per Getting Started with Dojo by IT Revolution, transformation center around 4 outcomes:

> Operation Model – Project to Product

> Culture – Enabling a highly empowered and collaborative workforce

> Technology Practices – Growing Agile and DevOps ways of working

> Technology Architecture – Moving to modern platforms and technologies

Hence, make the best use of Dojo by joining the amazing platform Dojovir!

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