• October 19, 2020
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DOJO – Importance and Advantages in IT Companies

We are already several months into the pandemic and businesses are getting settled into the new working modes with a good speed. The IT technologists are finely refining their approach towards remote work for them as well as of the employees they provide support. IT companies have gracefully adapted to the evolving business models arising out of the advent of new digital platforms yet are facing disruptions in their delivery models.

Also, this ongoing phase has transformed into the role and significance of the professional’s lives. Hence, it’s high time to try out new things, to Upskill and Cross-skill in the new normal to keep themselves updated in the IT current scenario.

Here is where DOJO has emerged as the new Cloud platform to engage the IT professionals in high-level learning under the guidance of industry leaders. Businesses certainly require more modern strategies, today and, in the future, for thriving success, and DOJO will surely offer that productivity. Let us make you know more about DOJO’s usage in IT companies.

Importance of DOJO

When the visitors would have a look across the buzzing platform known as Dojo, there are two things they can’t give out a miss. One, a place to do the hypothesis-based experimentation and a great place for a perfect learning collaboration.

What is Dojo all about?

In the Japanese term, Dojo signifies a martial arts training place. In this context, Dojo can represent as an ideally effective instrument for the acceleration of huge transformation. It is a great space designed beautifully for hosting in-depth learning experience where teams can approach to join in learning DevOps, SRE, Agile practices.

“Upskilling and Cross-skilling are necessary in the new normal for career advancement.”

This would indeed be a challenge for the teams to take part in Dojo’s experiences in a learning environment where the teams develop genuine products and execute with the complete procedure while being guided by DevOps leader-coaches. The work process may vary from one to twelve weeks sessions at the most to complete the experiment or complete the specific learning objective. In the phase of the team’s participation in Dojo and enhanced learning cycle, the teams can very well build up the proficiency of a new set of skills. The teams on having cross-functional team executing on an actual problem can leverage the latest architectures, technologies, and methods to product expansions, which will allow them to have mastery over their skills and work-related practices.

Advantages of DOJO

The Dojo will be wonderful in getting the IT teams getting fully engaged with DevOps, SRE, Agile; supporting them, at the same time keeping effective productivity. The Dojo will surely offer a good amount of advantages from its end, by which the teams can be convinced to be a part of Dojo.

  • Dojo will deliver an adequate return on investment (ROI) by undergoing transformation time scaling within the organization and upgrading managerial learning and changes.
  • Dojos enhance for velocity with the recognition that corporate agility and the high-value stream is eventually value for financing.
  • Dojo is a great space for immersive learning, culture change, and having fun too.
  • Dojo helps the teams to optimize collaboration effortlessly.
  • Whiteboards serve to nurture teamwork and conception of ideas.
  • This open space for learning allows for intra-team and inter-team collaboration.
  • Dojo also has a demo lounge for the teams to meet in one place and coordinate for work by communicating smoothly where customers can also be brought in.
  • Dojo offers the teams some of the amazing DevOps leaders who would guide in every step they need help.
  • Dojo also provides information radiators to assist in fostering Dojo principles.

This is precisely what Dojo is! So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Playground – The Pay-as-you- go virtual Dojo, by showing your genuine interest in collaborating with us on our exclusive VDOJO platform!

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