• October 21, 2020
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DOJO – An Ideal way to Expand your Learning Experience

Technology is allowing new utilization forms, and many businesses are embarking on major transformations to develop new potentials they require to get accustomed to an evolving world. Dojos can be the most influential platform for speeding up this amazing transformation.

Crafting a constant learning ambiance is important in any DevOps, SRE implementation. In the new normal, it is highly significant to learn new kinds of skills and revitalize your knowledge regarding your proficiency. Dojo is a wonderful medium where teams can approach putting their best output in their tasks under the guidance of leaders and hence your processes are finely restructured. This is what creates a learning dojo vital for any IT organization.  

What is Dojo all about?

The target of a dojo is to craft an immersive learning environment that allows the full-slack teams to master their skills so that they can be better effectual at their workplaces. Dojo’s objective is to give proper training to the team to embrace the mindsets of DevOps, SRE, Agile, Product, Lean. The learning Dojo concept when implemented can redesign the way you train your team, and this also assists your organization to blend learning and performance to a higher-level to allow in-depth beneficial learning scenarios for the employees of all levels.

Learning Challenges in Dojo

  • The Dojo space includes the complete team comprising the engineers, product owners, designers, and scrum masters when the product is customer facing.
  • The full-stack teams move into the Dojo with their backlog.
  • The learning challenge focus is an all-inclusive transformation of the team’s implementations and methods of working.
  • This interesting challenge is an expansive duration endeavour that may run for six to eight weeks or more in the form of hyper sprints.
  • Once the challenge completes, the team’s wider leadership and stakeholder unit, thus representing their achievements all through their process of Dojo experience.

Implementing Learning Dojo

If you are keen to take your learning experience to an upper level, then plan to join Dojo. You can select your team for participating in Dojo. Dojo has a wide space with various whiteboards for perfect collaboration and communication among the teammates as well as leaders.

  • Identify the skills: Dojo can tailor to a complete spectrum of skills required for software development.
  • Setting a process framework for teams to work on while on the Dojo: This provides for a framed kind of learning where the attendees are driven to offer guidance on how to move over the different whiteboards with an ideal learning process. The presentation can be used by whiteboards such that they are guided visually while going through the learning of modern skillsets and unravelling their defined problems. The process may begin with describing the skills or problems which requires to learn with a phase that they are on Dojo.
  • Start your learning sessions: During every session, the expert leaders should look into it that the participants gain sufficient knowledge so that they can effectively apply their new learnings to their current functionalities and work scenario.
  • Trainees should apply what they learn to their work: After the learning sessions on the Dojo platform, the respective teams should utilize the new knowledge or skills they have grabbed to solve their problems or build something related to their work. It can then be followed by the coaches who would review the productivity with the team and provide points or grades for progress so that they can redo when required. Finally, when things are done successfully and work is accepted fruitfully, the teams can shift it to the end of the board to indicate completion. Having such a framework will get it simple to accelerate and implement a perfect Learning Dojo.

Are you ready to take a plunge in your learning experience? To know more about Dojo, make a quick entry to Dojovir and upgrade your knowledge!

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