Playground – Key Features

Bring Out Innovation through Collaborative Experimentation.


In today’s world where people are working from various parts of the world and in a hybrid mode, we need a virtual collaborative platform to Experiment and Learn, which is repeatable. Playground is one such platform.


Guidance will be provided by practitioners who are having vast experience in their respective fields implementing the tools and processes helping many Fortune 500 organizations.


Playground has partnered with some of the best-in-class and innovative product vendors for experimenting, which gives the customers a good representation of the latest tools and technology to solve their business problems.


Playground is a platform to come with a business problem, and we help in hypothesizing the problem and experiment, to prove the hypothesis. The learning can be taken back and implemented in your own organization. Customers can bring their clients and create POCs with expert help and then implement for their clients.



To Provide customers with a platform where they can experiment their problem hypothesis on a pay as you go basis and implement the learnings in their own environment to accelerate their Digital transformation value Realization. This gives the organizations a repeatable process for their teams.
We are hosting an immersive learning experience for full-stack teams who comes to learn modern engineering, DevSecOps, DevOps, SRE and VSM practices for practicing, experimenting and collaborating to identify value for themselves through MVP.

  • Virtual Collaborative Platform - Team can use this Dojo collaboratively from anywhere in the world using the application, Google Meet and Miro Boards
  • Pay-as-you-go Model - There is no Capital Cost and Customers pay only for the usage they have subscribed for

Our Services

Implement SRE - Observability

Implement DevSecOps – Create Secure and Compliant Cloud-native Applications


Implement Blockchain- Secure Your Systems

Implement SRE – Chaos Engineering

Implement DevSecOps – Easy implementation with Application Security Orchestration and Correlation Tool


Implement Blockchain- Improve efficiency

Implement DevSecOps - Learn to setup DevSecOps Pipeline

Implement Value Stream Management – Get greater ROI of your DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE Initiatives

Implement DevSecOps- Threat Modeling

Our Programs

Why Choose Us

Playground – The Virtual Dojo is a unique service provided for organizations to collaboratively Experiment and Learn from anywhere in the world.

  • Virtual Online Collaboration
  • Expert Global Practitioners
  • Pay as you go Model
  • Best in class Tools Partner

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Surabhi Prakash


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Prasanna Lohar


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